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Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Finally Opens

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway stop finally opens on Dec 17, 2017.

The much anticipated Line 1 Expansion of the TTC is finally complete.  December 17, 2017 marked the first day the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) Subway station opened for business connecting Vaughan to downtown Toronto.  The ride from VMC to Union station takes 41 minutes. 

In addition to VMC, five more subway stations were added to Line 1.  Starting at the VMC  terminus and going south these are:

  • Highway 407
  • Pioneer Village
  • York University
  • Finch West
  • Downsview Park


Here are some pictures of the six stations I took today. (Page may take a minute to load)

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

Highway 407 Subway

Pioneer Village Subway

York University Subway

Finch West Subway

Downsview Park Subway


Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Finally Opens