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Will Staging Your Home Earn You More Money? Yes - $52,674

You've decided to put up your home for sale, you realize there are a lot of things to do to get it in pristine shape, you look at the "to do" list....and you're overwhelmed. Is all this really necessary?

Well...would you do it if you could earn an extra $52,674 on the sale of your house?

Staged vs. Unstaged Home For Sale

It's hard to find stats on the effects of staging your home because as we know, no two homes are alike. And the only way to find out the difference in price would be to find the same home with one being staged and one not being staged at roughly the same time, in the same neighbourhood, etc, etc. It's hard to find an example...until now.

Take a look at this example from Richmond BC. This 631 sq ft condo unit wasn't staged. Take a look at some of the listing pictures.

Unstaged home

Now take a look at this other unit in the same condo complex. It was listed by Richmond BC agent Sharron Wang. This one us clearly staged. It's the same square footage, same maintenance fees, on the same floor and most importantly sold within 25 days of the un-staged unit. Take a look at some of the listing pictures.

staged home

Can you see the difference?

Did Staging Make a Difference in Price?

So what happened with the sale price? The unstaged unit sold for $420k. The staged unit sold for $438k. $18,000 more for the staged unit. That's an extra 4.2%. With the average price of a home being $1,254,158 in Vaughan as of April 2017...that's an extra $52,674.

So is all this really necessary? Well...does an extra $52,674 get you motivated? I would think it would.

Now it's important to note that not all staging is the same. There are plenty of "I do the staging myself" agents. Will this get you the same results? Absolutely not. Getting a great house stager, renting necessary furniture, etc, is expensive. This won't be something you get from low cost or discount agents. There's value in hiring a capable Vaughan real estate agent that provides services that make a difference in your selling price. Staging isn't the only tool we use when marketing your home. It's one necessary tool in our arsenal of marketing to get you top dollar.

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Will Staging Your Home Earn You More Money?  Yes - $52,674