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Meet David

Vaughan real estate agent

“Plugged in” - a term that is often used when describing David. It’s no wonder that through his entire real estate sales career, David has been acknowledged as a trailblazer when it comes to implementing innovative approaches to business.  His passion for technology, combined with his fundamental belief in the importance of treating people right, have earned David the respect from his colleagues and fellow management team.

David approaches his management career with the same principles that he used when dealing with his real estate clients.  Loyalty, responsiveness, transparency and trust.  His open door policy ensures that the realtors he manages are always looked after.  His resourcefulness and attention to detail provide the realtors with the answers and guidance they need to move their business forward.  And, his experience in sales offers him insight into client management and business marketing, which he passionately imparts on the agents within the brokerage.
David is plugged-in to what matters most - the individual needs of our realtor family at Your Community Realty.
On a personal note, David was born Italy and grew up in Montreal learning to speak French and Italian from a young age.  David lives in Vaughan with his wife Teresa, daughter Mattea and son Max.  David has been an avid photographer since his teens having shot on both film (including using an actual darkroom) and today’s modern digital cameras.  David’s other hobbies include staying on top of what’s new in the tech-world and social media.

David’s toys:

iPhone 7 – my mobile office, video blogging tool and information finder

iPad – my main tool for presentations, showing listings and browsing the internet

Canon 5D Mark II – used for both business and pleasure shooting stills and HD video

Dell XPS 13 notebook – what I use to do the majority of my work.  Lightweight and portable

Dell XPS Desktop – my power horse for video editing, photography and gaming.