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Top 6 Reasons To Move To Vaughan

 1. Get Downtown In 30 Minutes

Vaughan Subway Station

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Station allows commuters to reach downtown Toronto within 30-40 minutes.  Also, there are two GO Train Stations in Maple.  The ride downtown takes a mere 30 minutes.  Grab yourself a latte and get some work done while commuting (or sleep).  No need for white-knuckled driving down a busy highway.  Get to work in your best zen state.  I'd like more info

2. Value


As of 2017, downtown condos are priced in the $800-1000 per sq foot. In other words, a 1000sq ft condo will cost you between $800,000 and  $1,000,000. Add maintenance fees to that and well....that ads up to a whole lot!! As a comparison, that same price range would get you a 3 - 4 bedroom freehold townhome or semi or even a detached home with a double garage. Can you say value? I'd like more info

3. More room to play

Vaughan backyard

Are you feeling cramped in your downtown condo? Would you like to have a bedroom for each of your kids? How does a backyard for your kids to play sound? I'd like more info

4. Family Friendly

Vaughan Family Friendly

Let's face it, you're probably considering the suburbs because you're thinking of family life. Are schools important to you? Would you like your children to play with the other kids on the street? How about a park nearby? Rest assured, Vaughan is a very family friendly environment. I'd like more info

5. Vaughan Entertainment

Vaughan nightlife

Vaughan is no longer considered a sleepy bedroom community. You don't have to give up the active lifestyle you've grown accustomed to in downtown Toronto. Whether you're an outdoors enthusiast or prefer to chill out on a patio - Vaughan will meet your needs. Great restaurants, bars, nightlife, movie theaters, shopping, Canada's wonderland, parks...the list goes on an on. I'd like more info

6. Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital

Scheduled for completion in 2020, the Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital located just north of Canada's Wonderland will have in excess of 350 beds most in private rooms.  It will be the first hospital in Canada to feature fully integrated "smart" technology systems and and medical devices that can speak directly to one another to maximize information exchange. Through modern and proven best practices, the hospital will provide state-of-the-art healthcare and positive outcomes for patients and their families.  The hospital will bring more commerce and employment to the already bustling city of Vaughan.  I'd like more info


Bonus Point. No Toronto Land Transfer Tax

That's right, that pesky municipal land transfer tax doesn't apply north of Steeles Av.  In other words, buying a property in Toronto priced at $800,000 would cost you $24,950 in taxes.  The same home in Vaughan would cost you only the provincial land transfer tax of $12475.  Vaughan has 1/2 the property taxes than Toronto does!!


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Top 6 Reasons To Move To Vaughan

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