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Kleinburg is a small unincorporated village located in the city of Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. It is home to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, a major art gallery, and the Kortright Centre for Conservation. In 2001, the village and its surrounding communities had a population of 4,595; the village itself has 282 dwellings, with a population of 952. Kleinburg comprises a narrow section of hilly landscape situated between two branches of the Humber river. The historic village is bounded by Highway 27 on the west and Stegman’s Mill Road to the east.

Kleinburg real estate has become an excellent options for those wanting to leave the congestion of larger cities and move to a calm family-oriented community.  Prospective home buyers can find anything from historical homes to modern detached homes to multi-million luxury homes with large lots.

Kleinburg Geography

The village is located between two branches of the Humber River, and features dense forests throughout its 1.05 km² of land area. Its northern and western peripheries are primarily agricultural.

History of Kleinburg

Kleinburg was founded by John Kline, a German/Canadian settler. A direct German translation of Kleinburg is "Small Town." Residents argue that the Town of Kleinburg could be named after its founder or after its landscape (though the latter would necessitate the spelling "Kleinberg" ("Small Mountain" in English).

In its early days, Kleinburg was dependent on its many flour and wheat mills, located off the Humber River.

The large housing developments began in the 1950s in the west and continued in the 1970s southeast of Kleinburg, in 1993 in the south, 1998 sporadically in the northeast, 1990s south of Kleinburg and the 2000s to the north.
Kleinburg has always been a small, quiet town, attracting many affluent visitors and residents. During its major expansion in the 1990s and early 2000s, many new large homes have been built. The homes north and west of Nashville Road typically cost more than one million dollars. Older, larger and more established properties are valued more than this, while homes built near conservation areas and the Humber River are by far the most expensive.

Demographics of Kleinburg

Kleinburg is less dependent n immigration than most communities in the Greater Toronto Area; only 20 per cent of residents settled from other countries, the majority of those from Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Guyana. Most of these (86 per cent) settled in Kleinburg before 1971.

Politics of Kleinburg

Kleinburg is not an incorporated entity; it has no political jurisdiction and no geopolitically-defined boundaries. Residents vote for councillors on Vaughan city council, which has three Regional Councillors and five Ward Councillors.

The community of Nashville, though distinct from Kleinburg, is considered a suburb of Kleinburg. Residents of Nashville receive many of their services, such as postal and medical services, within Kleinburg.

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